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Conkright Line

Names in this Line - Conkright (Conkwright, Krankheyt, Crancheyt). This line has numerous spellings. Everyone in the US and Canada with any variation of this name is descended from Herkel Syboutszen and Wyntje Theunis, who immigrated to New Amsterdam (e.g. New York City), in the 1600's. They were married in New Amsterdam on Nov. 16, 1642. I have found 150 spellings and misspellings of this name, to include, Cankright, Cankwright, Cankrite, Crankheyt, Crankright, Crankwright, Crankrite, Crancheyt, Conkright, Conkwright, Conkrite, Cronkhite, Cronkite, Cronkright, Cronkrite, Cronkwright, Konkright, Konkwright, Konkrite, Krankheyt, Kranckheyt, Kronkhite, Kronkite, Kronkright, Kronkrite, Kronkwright, etc. The list goes on....

My grandmother, Maude Ethel Conkright, was born to George W. Conkright and Sarah Ella Windsor, in Kickapoo Station (no longer on the map), Pottawatomie Co., Indian Territory before Oklahoma statehood. They were Sooners, getting there "sooner" than they were supposed to. They lived in Dent, Pottawatomie County in 1900, and settled in Okemah, Okfuskee County, by 1910 shortly before or after Oklahoma statehood.

George's middle name has not been found with certainty in any record; however, his middle name started with a "W". Some say this may be Washington; however, it is likely it was William, and that he was named after his grandfather, William Conkright. George was born in New Salem, Pike Co., IL, to John Oliver Conkright and Margaret Fisher Hooper. I have no idea where her middle name came from. John was born in Casey Co., KY, and Margaret was born in Pike Co., IL.

John Oliver Conkright was the son of William Conkright and Martha Bell. There was some debate about Martha's maiden name, Bessie Taul Conkright, having been told it was either Bell or Bransom; however, when I found the family Bible and genealogical records of the family in the Pike County Library, this settled it. Her maiden name was given as Martha Bell. Other than knowing she was born in KY in 1795, nothing more is known about her. For the life of me, I cannot find William and Martha's marriage record in either Illinois or Kentucky, and they should have been married in Kentucky. By 1820, William was married and living in Casey County, KY. By 1830, he was in Morgan Co., IL, and by 1840 in Pike County, Il. He died young.

William was the son of Isaac Conkright and Dolly Kook. It is unknown where Isaac was born, but it was in either New Jersey, because the only known baptism for any of his siblings has been found in NJ in 1763, or North Carolina, because his father, Hercules, was supposedly in NC by 1768 when he was one of the 260 "Regulators" who signed a petition to Governor Tryon for a redress of grievances. Since Isaac died before the 1850 census, which was the first census to list one's place of birth, and before death certificates were required, then without further record, it is not possible to determine if he was born in NJ, NC, or some place in between such as PA or VA. Isaac died in Pike Co., IL.

Hercules Conkwright was father of Isaac (and 11 other children - Aravest, Peter (not proven), Elizabeth, and Hannah, all born prior to Hercules' arrival in NC. Eleanora was the child baptized in NJ in 1763, and she and Phillip and Rachel, were those born before Isaac. Abraham, Elijah, Mary Frances, and John were all born after. There is only one record on Aravest - some have transcribed his name as Averest - I have the record showing his name; it is hard to discern, and there is only one record on Philip. As for Peter, I found him in a secondary source. Hercules was married to Dorothea, aka Dolly, some say Arcjke, but no proof of that patronymic has been found. After spending some time in NC, they finally settled in Clark County, KY. Hercules' baptism was in the Old Dutch Church of Sleepyhollow, Tarrytown, NY.

Hercules' father was Herck Syboutszen Krankheyt. His mother was Fytje de Ronde. This is established in various church records in NY. Fytje's family tree is well established. She was the daughter of Willem Hendrickszen de Ronde (DeRonde) and Magdalena Brouwer. Magdalena's history goes all the way back to Thomas Badie and Aeltje Braconie, who, when she died, was the wealthiest person in New York at the time of her death. Thomas Badie was the Treasurer of the Dutch West India Company. This was just a few years after Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River. Pretty impressive. I just want to know, what happened?

Herck was the son of Sybout Herricksen aka Krankheyt, who assumed the last name Krankheyt. This was a name totally invented in the New World. His wife, Mary Abrahams, was the daughter of Abraham Rycken and Grietje Hendricks, whose father, Hendrick Harmensen was the first patentee of the land that is now Laguardia Airport. Riker's Island was named after Abraham Rycken, or one of his sons who inherited the Island or purchased it soon after. I guess I should research that further! Mary's mother was Tryn Herxcer. Hendrick was killed in an Indian massacre in 1643 thanks to Willem Keift's ineptitude as the Director General of New Netherlands.

Sybout was the son of Harck Syboutszen and Wyntje Theunis, the immigrants from the Netherlands.

I have documentation on this line to include deeds, wills, estates, marriages, births, etc., leading all the way to Harck (Herckel, Herck) Syboutszen and Wyntje Theunis.

Hercules Conkwright, father of Isaac, should be considered a Patriot under the rules of the Daughters of the American Revolution for his actions as a Regulator in NC. He actually rebelled against the British years before the Revolutionary War.

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